• Everything he said to me, made me feel complete.
    Nothing more.. Nothing less,
    Forever beneath his feet.
    He lied every lie,
    Forever i could spy.
    No matter what i did or said,
    He'd tear my heart to shreds.

    he'd break my heart..
    With a tiny little dart.
    Never caring,
    or sharing..
    What he said to other girls,
    for they was the real pearls.

    I was the girl, who sat there and cried.
    I tried and tried..
    but all i could do was hide..
    Hide from the feelings,
    that threaten to burst.
    My heart.. now just little peelings.
    my love in little spurts..

    Forever i'll lay..
    With his lies in store.
    i'll cry..
    for all the nice lies..
    I lived by.