• Pin my arm a thousand way,
    make sure that the needle sticks,
    time slows down to numbered days.
    Split me open, see me tick.

    Watch my tongue fall leaden down,
    as my nose disappears,
    my fingers next fall to the ground,
    and I wonder if I'm still here.

    Faces blur and faces race,
    sound travels slow through heavy air.
    Colors my eyes just can't chase,
    Make me numb and make me stare.

    Doctor's voice is all I hear,
    "You're all right. It's over soon."
    For all I know, it'll take a year,
    My head is a weightless lead balloon.

    Eyelids drooping, black ensues,
    Brain is finally shutting down,
    Chemical dreams leaking through
    Springing up from dormant ground.

    Scalpel tastes skin, and veins caress blade,
    blood bursts open and pulses out,
    What would happen if I were to awake?
    Can they hear my silent shout?

    Scissors dance and scissors fly,
    I'm awake, but I can't feel,
    I can't tell which is the dream,
    and I can't tell if this is real.

    Blades are flashing everywhere,
    and the lights have all come on,
    now I see I've disappeared,
    All of me is now long gone.

    They've split me out,
    and they've seen me tick,
    inside my shouts,
    and heart's sick.

    Their new toy has become boring,
    anesthesia wears away,
    but I even though I'm exploring,
    my body's pain won't seem to stay.

    Broken up and split apart,
    scattered 'cross four winds wide,
    without feeling, I find no heart,
    and now I can only hide.

    Waking up later,
    It was a dream,
    Split me at the seams.

    Was it a dream?
    Or was it a lesson?
    A passing scream?
    Or was it a message?