• This might be a surprise to all of you,
    but we need to begin our lives anew.
    Sure, there were good times in the past,
    but, sadly, tomorrow is our last
    and we must bid them adieu.

    I remember the boys did this each day,
    they were chewing their gum--chewing away.
    Mrs. Babauta was mad
    and the boys were sad
    throwing their gums everyday.

    There was a boy named Jesse Lowe.
    He would talk and babble, wherever we go!
    He would take off his shoes--
    his socks, too...
    Ah, Jesse, you're something, you know?

    I remember the Spelling Bee that had occurred
    the kids got up, and the spellings stirred.
    They did their best--
    tried hard not to miss....
    Well, at least that's what I've heard.

    I enjoy learning and writing poetry most of all,
    but what was my favorite poem last fall?
    There were so many poems
    I wish I could show them...
    or at least put them on my wall.

    The memories we've had were funny this year,
    and there are some schools that's very near.
    They'll find their friends--
    thank goodness no end!
    ...I promise myself I wouldn't shed a tear.