• Verse 1:
    A silent aching in my heart
    Echoes ripping me apart
    The numb is spreading through my veins
    Could anything have made you stay

    Authority come and save me (come and save me)
    My heart's been stolen by this charming thief (charming thief)
    He took it all (took it all)
    Can't break my fall (break my fall)
    Authority come and save me
    I'm drowning
    I might sink
    I'm dangling on the brink
    What used to be is nevermore

    Verse 2:
    My marble life line's dissapeared
    All that's left is frozen tears
    The numb is dripping from my eyes
    There's just nothing left in side


    He thinks I'm safe (he's wrong)
    Don't know how much I can take (this is wrong)
    This crying wolf can't understand (took to long)
    Wants me to let go (I just can't)

    Chorus x2