• Without You

    Without you, I'm just a body with no soul,

    an empty, decaying being, barely striving for existence.

    Without you, I'm just another fragile life caught in the hands of fate,

    with no direction and not the simplest idea.

    Without you, I fall back into despair,

    back into my illusion of a dream faded to a nightmare,

    where light is absorbed by dark and whispers turn to screams.

    Without you, I will continue to stumble and crawl,

    with the legs I had broken falling for you.

    But together we will thrive,

    our hearts bound tightly together,

    and our minds set in stone.

    We will rise above this fallen world in which we live,

    and prove to them that maybe there can be forevers,

    that love isn't just a figment of our imaginations...

    but without you, I will cease to claim that love exists.

    ~ Cynthia Reif 1/19/10