• I tilt my head
    Wondering why
    You just turned around
    And left me behind
    But do the tears I drop
    Mean something to you?
    Is there something behind the sweet sorrow?
    When I close my eyes
    Every night
    I feel like an insomniac
    Just staring wondering
    If your eyes
    Are lookin' at another girl.

    We've moved on, I know
    But I still dream
    Last night was one too.
    I hugged you so happily
    And happy I was
    But thats what dreams do.
    They bring up your hopes
    And crush 'em when your awake
    'Cause you know its a dream
    Not a reality, its fake..

    But dreams are a goal
    Something your heart makes
    Together and all
    You think about it throughout the day
    If my heart beats
    Thinking of you
    How about the boy
    Who makes you disappear?
    Thoughts of him
    Make you seem like nothing
    Hes a dear and has done nothing

    But he stole my heart
    You each have a half
    And neither of you
    Have given it back
    I kiss my feelings goodbye
    And bid reality goodbye
    For if I were to rest forever
    All I would see
    Is a sweet, eternal dream.