• I guess it's to late.
    Time is turning so slow.
    I guess I should've known I'd fall for you again.
    Your haunting memory takes over ever so slowly.

    I can see you though the tears.
    Stop smiling, please!
    It's killing me, can't you see?
    It hurts yeah, but it's to late now.

    I can talk to you now because you don't love me;
    but maybe, just maybe i still love you.
    You loved me last week;
    but why did I not run to your side?

    I'm sorry I hurt you so many times.
    I should've known better;
    than to lose you.
    I'm glad your with her....
    I guess...

    I should just forget about you.
    I should just give up on us.
    I just want you to be happy now,
    and I guess I was just blind before.

    I never knew what I had.
    I reget letting it all go.
    I wish I could've known;
    this was the pain to come.
    Good bye, I guess...
    I never should've let you go...