• One day lo and behold a magic man popped out of a bottle
    I did not know just what to do, I did not know what could I do?

    Do you know what you need
    The man said to me
    You need me
    I’m the bottle man for free

    Make a wish and I’ll give it to you
    No matter what I’ll do it for you

    I did not question
    I needed a lot
    I did not think
    Or give it a thought

    I wished to have the biggest house
    I wished to be tall and not grow out.

    The man closed his eyes and to my surprise
    It all showed up, it was not a lie.

    I looked at the bottle man and said with glee
    May I wish for anything with no if’s or and’s in between?
    The man gave out a hardy laugh
    Of course my lad, don’t give it a thought

    So I did not give it a thought
    I wished and wished and wished a lot

    I had it all
    I had the world and all in between.
    I told the man that I had everything
    He laughed once again as he looked at me

    Little man you do not know
    Quiet what your doing to your soul

    Would you tell me, bottle man
    Just what am I doing to myself,

    Oh with every wish so satisfied
    It leaves you wanting I can not lie
    So you see my lad it is a curse
    to want and want and want immerse

    My heart was empty and hollow with greed
    And still so I did not heed
    I went on wishing

    Wishing on without a stop
    Never wish this
    give it a thought,
    and just as you heed the warning of the man who ate
    heed the warning of the man with this fate