• Just walking down the road,
    something can hit you.
    Oh, no, not a car.
    A thought.
    A simple, ordinary thought.
    Not for us.
    A thought can change
    from good to bad
    bad to worse.
    worse to murderous.
    That's what happens in our minds.
    A good day,
    normal and mild
    can change
    right before your eyes.
    Most people think it's awkward.
    When it's really just a normal day.
    Our minds are turbines.
    Spinning and spinning
    thoughts flowing through them
    like a waterfall.
    Any one of them can stop in the brain
    and the body will think it.
    Make it happen.
    We don't think our thoughts.
    Our thought tell us what to think.
    One might be bad,
    tell us to commit a murder.
    The next might tell us
    to pick up the corpse and call 911.
    Or not.
    It might tell us to walk away.
    Or turn yourself in.
    The thoughts in our minds
    is like the Wheel Of Fortune.
    You spin and never know
    which one the arrow will land on.
    Our emotions work the same way.
    swithing and swaping
    at a constant rate
    like workers at a construction site,
    their shift is over
    a new one begins.
    Crazies are touchy,
    can change in
    the blink of an eye.
    Like the speed of light.
    A strike of lightning.
    A clap of thunder.
    The pounce of a cat on it's prey.
    An eye twitch,
    an internal turbine
    and anything than happen.