• Cry

    It seems like forever has passed,
    Since I saw you last.
    Even though inside I know,
    It was only a week ago.

    I can't sleep at night,
    With you runnin' a marathon in my mind.
    I can't rest in peace,
    'Till your here with me.

    Why must I go through this all the time?
    You always on my mind.
    Why can't I be the one you're with?
    Why can't I get over it?
    I cry,
    All because I can't call you mine.

    When you look at the world through my eyes,
    Things don't look as bad as they seem sometimes.
    And yet I still cry,
    Because you may never be mine.

    My heart beats like a hammer,
    Pounding the pain in further and further.
    Hurting more with every blow,
    My mind hurts to think of you also.
    Why can't I get over you?
    Not that I really want too...