• Whispers all around
    In my head
    In the air
    I fall to my knees
    They taunt and sneer
    They laugh
    They mangle
    I'm torn in two
    It is all too much
    It whips around
    The vortex sufficates
    I don't know how long

    I can't stand any more
    I cry out
    Scream in the black
    I punch the moistened ground
    Take the knife
    Dig it deep
    Twist and turn
    Take my pain inside
    The open slit bleeds
    out pours the pain
    The guilt and shame
    I left you there

    All you wished for
    Was to come back home
    I was so sure you'd come
    I packed it all for you
    But it wasn't to be
    Now here I scream
    Why did they lie
    Fill me with hope
    I'll never see you again
    And they keep jeering
    The voices dance around
    Their smirks mocking my life

    I let you die alone
    I let you die with strangers
    I pushed you from the door
    I left you to walk alone
    Back into the cold white room
    That is where the gas lay
    I left you to take it
    I didn't even see
    I wasn't there to comfort you
    Nor to lie and say it was fine
    That was a privelage of mine
    But I left before you had even died

    I saw you look back at me
    As they took you down the hall
    Those eyes of pain
    Of sorrow and want
    They burn in my skull
    Smolder in my mind
    They haunt me in my sleep
    They cut deeper than a sword
    Burst more than a shell
    Kill me more times
    Than one thought a human could die
    I'm still here, but your eyes haved killed me

    Please stop staring at me
    I beg you, stop accusing me
    Stop killing me, I beseech you
    I'm sorry I lied to you
    I said I would be there in the end
    But I ran away
    I wanted to go
    I swear I wanted to be there
    To keep my promise
    To take you home
    But I couldn't
    Please stop that gaze

    Take the rapier
    Dig it to the hilt
    Feel the pain
    But numb to the shock
    Pull it out
    Thrust twice as hard
    Repeat the deadly action
    Your eyes make me do it
    The voices in my head
    The guilt on my mind
    You kill me
    I kill me

    I fall to the floor
    Blood pools around
    You gaze steadily down
    My broken, pitiful body
    Those eyes still accusing
    I give up
    Can you stop the torture
    The pain inside
    Forgive me, I beg you
    Even in death you loom over me
    You burn my mind
    Those horrid eyes

    That's when I realized
    Its not those eyes that killed me
    Not those voices
    Not the pain
    It was none of that
    How stupid it was of me
    I killed myself
    Gave up all too soon
    I thought it was you
    Blaming me from inside
    But it was the guilt inside
    The betrayal within

    It wasn't you who killed and taunted
    It was the part of me inside
    The part of me behind the lie