• I sit here dreaming.
    I sit here imagining.
    I sit here thinking.
    About how much I miss you.
    About how much I need you.
    About how much I love you.
    I dream about holding your hand.
    I dream about kissing you lips.
    I dream about loving you for an eternity.
    I imagine chatting with you in class.
    I imagine a small little home with you.
    I imagine the days passing by with you by my side.
    Chatting about a future full of hopes and dreams.
    A home with a beautiful family.
    Hope and dreams to have a happy home with you at my side.
    I think about those simple little kisses to my forehead that tell me you'll protect me.
    I think about those silly little play fights that are so much fun.
    I think about how happy I can make you by just smiling.
    A smile that I hope and pray that will never disappear.