• innocents lost by the hand of the clock.
    while she cries over it the voices all mock.
    stresses and pressers all wights on her mind,
    were are the answers she must desperately find?

    day after day the problems still add
    the way things are going she just might go mad!
    what is this nation so lost and confused?
    how can a girl find comfort,
    when the world is a ruse?

    what makes it so wrong, so sick and so crude,
    life is so rapid it changes like mood.
    worst of all when the days come to past,
    she spends all her time reminiscing in grass.
    what was so plane is now just a mess,
    she longs for the days in her simple white dress.

    as she suffered in time which she felt was so doomed,
    she had no idea how much she assumed.
    yes now that shes grown, she could almost laugh.
    her life was so easy she must have been daft!
    oh what she would give to go back to those days,
    which once she had felt was the darkest of maze.

    irony is as bitter as time