• He walks among us
    hidden from the world
    like a misguided ghost.
    The faces of his victims
    haunt him and remain
    in his mind as a photographic memory
    He's gone through many moons
    shielding himself from the morning star
    It's been so long since he's felt the warm rays
    of that shining light.
    He looks from afar
    and sometimes he might
    see a beautiful sight.

    She sits upon the sandy beach
    alone and lost
    like a child in the dark
    The memories of her past
    linger in her thoughts
    like a addiction
    She's ran for ages
    barely avoiding the traps ready to close
    Oh, how long it's been since she has felt
    the sudden bursts of happiness.
    She looks from afar
    and sometimes she might
    see a horrid sight.

    He looks at her as an angel
    sent from the heavens above.
    She sees him as a monster
    who will never know her love.
    As the years pass
    he still watches her like a lighthouse in the dark/
    She still sees him as a coward.
    But possibly if he ever meets her eyes
    they could at least
    become Beauty and the Beast.