• House of Plates
    By: Vivianna Lynne Haney

    Crash! Crash!
    May my fury be heard!
    I am falsely accused and penalized!
    My vengeance has fated me to wander Earth for eternity!

    Bang! Shatter!
    Hear the sound of my sorrows through your precious china plates!
    Do you remember, Mistress?
    The young servant girl who stole your valued serving dish?

    10 priceless gold plates,
    A gift from a baron of great wealth.
    The young servant girl was assigned the task of cleansing the expensive tableware each day.

    Counting each day.
    Making sure they are still here.
    Making sure we have all 10 plates!

    “Where is it, you wretched girl?!” You screech.
    I plead for you to stop. I beg of your understanding!
    A leather whip in one hand, and an axe in the other.

    Chop! Plunk!
    Throw the corpse in the well and burn the head.
    I die with anger in my heart and my soul roams the Earth.
    Searching for the last plate.

    Screeeeech! Crash! Crash! Shatter!
    I have no where else to go, so I must continue this for eternity.
    The transparent gold plates fly past Mistress’s room,
    Hitting the wall. Shattering into a million pieces like my ill-fated soul.

    Aaaaaah!!! Where is it?!
    I remain in this god-forsaken house.
    Searching for the last plate.
    After 500 years of looking and waiting.

    Crash! Shatter! Moan…..
    My anguish must be compensated in your blood.
    My misery will devour your spirit.
    You are the new owner of this desolate dwelling.
    You are the reincarnation of my mistress.

    Struggling and screaming will provide no help.
    For no one can hear past these distressing walls.
    You are my entry into the next life.
    Your carcass my ticket to heaven.

    Welcome to the House of Plates.
    I hope you enjoy your stay.
    I pass on my haunting duties to you, for you are now the lifeless servant girl.
    Trapped in this house until the last plate is found as I pass on into paradise.

    I am now the mistress, you are now the maid.
    Welcome to your happy home.
    Your ancestor’s debt is now repaid.