• You promised me the moon,
    You promised to claw it down.
    You promised to be my knight,
    You promised to protect my crown.
    You promised never to judge me.
    So what did you see in me?

    Life used to be so full,
    Things I'd never seen made sence.
    You found a new person in me.
    Now, everything is a blur.
    Now, I have nothing left but me.

    You said it would be best.
    I'm seeing the world soon,
    Beating out of this small town.
    And you were gunna stay here,
    and keep my moon.
    Use its light to show me back to you.
    But you left me here, turned me down.
    Broke my heart, smashed my crown.
    Leaving me to bleed.

    Now I have a heart of stone.
    Dragging down my every step.
    Leaking granate into my blood.
    Leaving pebbles behind me.
    Cause you took down my sheilds.
    Showed the true me beneith my mask.
    And you shyed away.

    What did I do wrong?
    What did I do to lose you?
    was it something as stupid as saying, "I don't trust you?"
    Or was it something more?
    Did I love you?
    Did you love me too?
    Or were we just not ment to be?
    did you even like me at all?