• My heart is stuck in a rain storm
    So cold
    So dark
    So much hurt

    My heart built its self a wall
    With no windows
    No doors
    Just four walls

    My heart tears its self into pieces
    And hides them among my body
    When my heart is nothing but dust
    That’s when I die

    I know that love
    Isn’t real
    A fairy tale
    Just a dream
    Something that I don’t need

    I lay awake
    Every night tear drops falling down my face
    Just wishing I could disappear
    Never come back

    I wake up to sound
    Of birds so cheerful
    Of little kids laughing so happy
    Of waves crashing on the sand so peaceful

    My heart just dies every day
    It will never be hole
    Never be happy
    Never come out of the room
    Stays in the darkness
    Waiting to become dust

    My heart the little thing that doesn’t come out