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    They just stare at each other not sure what to say after she slipped and fell landing right in front of him.
    He smiles awkwardly and says “I gotta go..try not to accidentally kill your self. Kay?”
    She can only smile and then nods saying “I could do that.”
    Five minutes after he left she stands there then bolts after him.
    She runs into the parking lot only to get hit by a oncoming car going 55 mph.
    He sees and with wide eyes drops his book bag and sprints toward her and searches for a pulse while someone dials nine eleven
    Fifteen minutes later she is in the hospital
    He sits on a chair biting his nails.
    The heart monitor has a slow but steady beat as her unconscious body lies on the bed.
    The scene keeps flashing through his mind un able to leave him alone.
    The doctor said she was fine.
    HE wanted to stay in the room so the nurse hesitates then nods.
    HE says her names begging her to pull through hesitates then says “I love you.”
    Five minutes later he dozes off.
    He wakes an hour later hearing the heart moniter going crazy as her heart goes into cardiac arrest.
    Swearing and panicking he presses the red assistance button once…twice…three times then bolts out of the room running into a nurse.
    The nurse hears the frantic beeping of the moniter and pages the doctor who takes two minutes to arrive.
    They all freeze when the monitor falls silent.
    He turns slowly to see her body lying there not breathing
    He falls to the ground unconscious.
    The next day his picture is next to hers.
    Under the pictures it says
    18 year old died last night from cardiac arrest 19 year old boy that was with her in the hospital went into cardiac arrest shortly after. RIP.
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