• I felt cold,
    but her hands that I hold
    were too cold

    but somehow insulated me.
    My cheek sprouted crimson rosary;
    this feeling inside of me...

    My mind hadn't gone blank;
    however, I must be frank
    that my mind had indeed gone blank

    my eyes coward away
    hers went astray
    thus we both looked away

    I scanned her, up to bottom
    I have forgotten
    her face aint on the bottom

    I looked up to see her quimsiccal smile
    brows raised and still posed her sheepish style
    I had to sigh to relief myself and smile

    But the stress is killing me
    I could barely brea---!
    Oh, God help me...!

    Indeed He did
    but I still feel timid
    but then she said it, she did....


    "I know, you wanna ask me out."
    my voice stuttered as if the need to shout-
    "Yes...."I want to ask you out!"

    was my heart suppose to palpitate like now?
    It was jerking left and right in a pow, pow, pow
    My sweat ran cold and I felt my voice raspy now...

    but outside... I smiled...straight at her smile
    then we hugged each other in an innocent style
    and so, my heart is warmed by her remineced smile.