• I scream out loud every night
    with no avail
    I scream in pain
    but yet not a single soul turns around
    I scream in hopefulness
    that for one day peace will reach me
    I scream out to the heavens
    and ask forgiveness
    I scream in hysteria
    For I know now that the pain is slowly draining me
    Draining me of every ounce of blood and sanity within me
    I scream in pain and agony
    The agony slowly and painfully killing me within my very being
    I scream out in mid broad-day light
    but yet no one hears
    I scream in pain in knowing every soul is lost
    lost in a profound sleep
    A sleep so deadly and yet so passionate
    Oh, how I wish to bafall it
    I scream...
    I scream...
    I scream...
    I scream...!
    Confusion reaches my soul
    and I feel hands of hope and consulment
    the fisrt time in my life I feel loved
    I scream in Joy
    I scream in HAPPINESS
    I scream out of LOVE
    He has finally turned around and awoken