• Excuse my foul language he says,
    forget my harsh words.
    Ignore my bad behavior he comments,
    it could all be much worse

    I refuse to pretend,
    like i don't see what i do.
    I refuse to be a walking mat,
    with footprints from the bottom of your shoe.
    I can't be your friend,
    i can't be your backup.
    I refuse to let you destroy me,
    so get your things and pack up.

    Don't tell me what to do he says,
    don't tell me when to leave.
    This is all half mine he screams,
    and you belong to me.

    I belong to no one,
    little do you know.
    I bought everything,
    no gratefullness do you show.
    I won't let you hurt me,
    i won't be the one to go.
    You made your chocies,
    and im choosing to say no...