• life has no happyness only pain,pain makes people hurt inside and out
    i can only see darkness and that makes me cry,i cry blood and it burns my eyes
    i can never smile it would kill me so i frown,my frown hurts so much it feels as if my lips are stiched to gether,the stiches leavemy lips raw it hurts so bad that i,scatch my face with my nails,i cut so deep that i cut my hands off to show me not to hurt my self any more,i feel the blood dripping down my arms it is so cold that it makes me want to huddel up to my legs,but to be warm would make me happy,so i chane my legs up so tightly that the blood cant go through and and that makes my legs cold,i wish that life would be better but no it will never,i wish people would smile and care but i no that will never happen,so i think death would be best for me,but then i would have to say good bye...and that would be to hard.