• Imagine your reflection 10 years ago,
    What would you say?
    Would you call the 411 to walk that path a different way?
    Would you call on yourself for your own negative faults and tendencies?
    Because apparently,
    life is what you fill it with.
    So remember,
    When you fall,
    dust your knees off and continue with.
    All the goals and aspirations,
    thats pushed with inspiration,
    Accomplishment is
    1% thought,
    though 99% perspiration.
    Imagine your reflection,
    Would you see yourself as a Hero?
    Would you inspire you to rise when your altitude is zero?
    Would you call it "MASH",
    even though you know you have no gas?
    Because you got to keep it moving or life will leave you past.
    Your presence here was more like a surprise present,
    So would you give you the gifts to learn from life's lessons?
    Imagine your reflection giving you,
    a major hug,
    major smile,
    and major dap.
    Imagine your reflection telling you,
    "I'm proud"
    And reflecting it right back.