• From the start I didn’t understand.
    Whether it was love or hatred.
    How to control it or use it.
    It didn’t make any sense.

    I never knew why I kept coming back.
    Why I needed to.
    Those who made me feel something.
    Brung me back.
    Back to what it all mean’t.

    But now I know how to use it.
    Its hard to keep a promise from breaking.
    The kind of promise that hurts to break.
    It’s the situation where I can’t do it alone.
    I need all of your help.

    The help to believe.
    To know I won’t break it.
    To know I wont’t leave anyone behind.
    Or hurt anyone.
    Ever again.

    Don’t let me fall.
    I need you.
    No matter who you are.
    I don’t want you to fall either.
    So please stay with me.

    For the sake of the world.
    It needs us most of all.