• I´m so hesitant
    I just don´t know what to do
    the darknes has roared
    but the light´s touching me too
    I don´t wanna feel it
    to sense it anymore
    it´ s killing me
    so stop shining
    with those eyes
    full of blame...

    Please! I know
    you´ll never forgive
    me my frozen heart
    but it just can´t glow
    so stop tearing me apart
    just stop - the light´s killing me...

    I would hide in the darknes
    but you don´t let me go
    I´m a fallen princess
    and your glare´s hurting so,
    so much...

    You can´t pull me out
    of the hole I´ve fallen in
    you´re making it worse
    by your flame
    with your pure heart
    with your great friends
    with your powers
    of an angel
    but I beg you
    do not take me out
    - I don´t need your light
    not anymore...

    I´m sad forever
    you know it well
    we can´t be together
    I must hear the bell
    of my black soul
    I must go
    I must goooo!
    Whisper: Forgive me, but your light´s killing me...