• Life is full of nightmares and dreams and we all have our ups and downs. But no matter what happens, just know that if you keep your head up high enough, you're almost there

    My dreams are big and shine brighter than the stars themselves
    They're more creative than any book you'll see on the shelves

    I'll brave the moving mountains and cross the rushing river
    I promise I'll bring home the gold and always deliver

    My dreams aint the only one you'll ever witness
    But still, I wish you could’ve seen this

    Everyone around me has heart and more
    When time comes, they'll be ready to sweep the floor

    With any competition that comes their way
    They'll look up and laugh and rule the day

    Dreams used to something you'd be born with

    But that aint the case anymore

    You get up and walk

    You yawn and talk

    Nobody dreams more

    I've been dreaming since I was born

    Long before I was eating corn

    I'll be dreaming till I die

    I'm almost there