• i was walking till i tripped
    i tripped over a cupcake
    i fell out of my body ...i died
    but i didint accept it
    psh what a not so awesome way to die
    i complaind to the higher ones (lol hehe higher ones)
    they agreed to bring me back to life
    one fellow grabed me and threw me down into my body
    my heart beated back with life
    my eyes opened with desire to see more great things
    my lungs filled wit luxurious amounts of oxygen and the good kind not polluted by car exhausts
    my fingers wiggled, my toes curled
    i was alive
    i stood up and took off running with great speed and jumped off the end of the cliff
    i hung in the air for a few seconds and all i herd was just the beat of my heart and the wind
    i started to plumet i felt the wind rush through my hair and between my fingers. i took my last breath and as i reached the ground everything stoped i thought to myself this is way better than trippin over a cupcake and i listed to the last beat of my heart and fell out of my body.
    but this time i ended up in a hotter place... *sigh* wow they rly need to fix the A.C. or somtin