• How long have I been waiting for this
    I don't know
    How was I supposed to not feel
    I don't want to know
    What would be like to be away from you
    What would have been like if I hadn't fallen for you

    Give me a reason to not feel this way
    I don't want to
    Keep my emotions to myself
    I shouldn't have to
    Beg and plead cause you give me all I need
    I'm on my knees

    And the moon that shines
    Brighter than your eyes
    Smiles as I call you mine
    I pray everyday
    That you take my breath away
    That you keep telling me the truth
    That I am yours

    You give me the strength to be who I am
    Like I want to
    You are the only man who understands
    That I have to
    Be with you to keep my heart beating
    Hear me out

    I don't want to live another day
    Without seeing your face
    I don't ever want to walk away
    From someone who has fallen from grace
    Give me a minute to say
    The words I've never had courage to say
    Give me this night to hold your hand
    Just close your eyes...