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    I baked you cake of love.
    With hope that it would be enough
    To satisfy you.

    I baked you a cookie.
    You called me "snookie".
    It wasn't enough for two.

    I baked you a cake.
    And my love you take...
    For granted so much...

    I sat with pots and pans,
    thought you were my man.
    So much for my luck

    Now I'll make you a pancakes
    Filled with plenty of hate
    And not one morsel will be regret.

    I know someonewill bake....
    Me promises they won't forsake...
    Me, my soul, and what's left...

    What's left is my broken heart,
    Torn to shreads and parts.
    There's nothing to heal me.

    I can buy a batch for envy,
    I wonder if it would set me free.
    Sounds nice, don't you agree?

    I will bake you one last cake
    I cannot promise that you will make,
    It out safe and alive.

    That cake is meant to kill,
    So eat my dear, I will,
    Laugh when you cry your last cry.