• Big empty smiles I receive
    I hide behind lies I want them to see
    I say goodbye to whom I was before
    I lock myself behind my black door
    I throw away the key so I cannot be found
    I cry and leave a trail of blood on the ground
    I scream and I cry of pain
    As the broken hourglass pierce my veins
    Mirrors shatter deep within
    I scream and in my tears I sink
    I die and fade in an ocean of regret
    I leave a letter behind, my suicide you won’t forget
    I rip out my bloodless wrists
    My madness grows as my thoughts turns and twists
    I’m so broken when I’m lonesome
    I don’t see a way when my life will be wholesome
    The worse is over now and I can see the world again
    My soul is being held up high and God is stealing my pain
    I push you away
    I don’t want you anyway
    I can’t stop the pain
    I won’t stop the pain
    This is my body, my scars, my addiction
    I can’t stop looking at myself without suicidal perception
    I keep myself satisfied by living a lie
    Satisfied by wanting to die
    I turn away from the mirror that I cracked
    I turn away and fade to black