• Just take a breath and hold it in,
    Come join me wherein dreams begin.
    Let's wipe away those daytime tears,
    And scare away those nighttime fears.
    Just listen to the heart's soft melody,
    Then in this place of magic you will be.
    The stars over head are the dreams fresh start,
    Each one an honest wish of the heart.
    There's countless places you can go,
    From an ocean beach to a world of snow.
    Imagine the beauty you can find,
    When your only limit is your mind.
    If your heart can dream of a place,
    It won't just be a hope you have to chase.
    Simply close those lullaby eyes,
    Picture these star dotted skies.
    It will be there twinkling up on high,
    Now take a breath and reach for the sky.
    Picture your stars soft gleam,
    Then open those eyes and see your dream.
    Come join me wherein dreams begin,
    Just take a breath and hold it in.