• Look at you. . .So broken down. . .So worn out. . .
    You deserve it?. . .That pitiful frown. . That greedy pout. . .
    You Deserve. . .Everylast bit of it!!!

    You turned you're back on the ones who cared, looking at them with a glare.
    To stubborn to tell them you were wrong, to proud to look back to them.
    Embrace this emptiness. . . so worth it to see you like this!

    Satisy my need to see you defeated. . .So far from succeeding.
    When you see my smirk. . .I hope you cry. . .
    When i see thos sullen eyes. . .I won't hold my laughter, i won't even try!

    So Pathetic. . .So burdned by your own doings. . . .You're joy in the septic.
    All that's left is for you to throw it all way. . .i'll be watching. . .
    Give you're life to me. . . .As i smile in victory.

    In your head is make believe, and so deprived.
    All that you've done. You have aimed at your self with a loaded gun.
    When you look back at your broken dreams, don't you run.
    I will chase you down. . .This is my joy. . .This is my fun.

    You take a breath through all your filthy tears, nothing to lose, nothing to fear.
    I am still here, watching and waiting for one moment when you are sincere.
    Or else i fear you will have to end when the goal is so near.

    You feel no guilt, only pity for yourself.
    You care nothing for destroying something precious others have built.
    You are a fool, and your fate has now been seal'd.

    I move on to the next one, the next person who will not see the sun.
    I make my way, eager, shall i run?
    No need to rush when slef pity is so lush.
    Who's the next pathetic pest to put to the test?
    So exciting, so exciting, these people who i am smiting.
    Whoever is there and reading this writing, you're probly my next rhyme then.
    Those who go around conniving, i am the one who is contriving. . . Your end.
    As i put my words to blend, i hope i get there before you mend.
    Give my your life as lend, but get this straight, i am no freind.
    And i will destroy you in anyway i can.
    Destroy yourself and return to sand.

    Death and destruction, Plague and Pestilence.
    Joy and hope, Rebellion and resistance.
    All means nothing to i who can see all in an instance.
    I enjoy to see my work, but i can also do it from a distance.
    Moving and Swaying throughout this feeling of tense.
    I am that feeling of danger you refer to as your sixth sense.
    Don't fret, i'll get to you in time so assuredly rest, i will cleanse. . .All.

    You think me cold, but i think you are the ice mold.
    You think me monster, but you have all already gave up your soul.
    You think of others as toys, but you cannot see you can be sold.
    You call me rebel, but you are the ones who try to defy what your told.. . .Die.

    Well, i am at my next client, i am so eager to greet them and give them silence.
    When they open the door, should i introduce myself then do my chore?
    Lucky me, Lucky me! This one is blind and did not flee! My lucky day indeed!
    This one is filled with greed, This is my type, Y'see.
    I chit chat, but they do not notice me, only a cold breeze.
    1. . .2. . . .3! And then there was only me.

    I leave that place and later hear a shrill shriek.
    My job is done, she is resting in piece.
    Don't think of me as a monster, rather, the one with the key to your destiny.