• Watching them walking with the monster knowing they'll get ******** up,
    Knowing that it will only be fun for a while,
    Thinking no one will care,
    Sacrificing every last cent just to get one more hit.

    They're not noticing the little changes in life,
    Their hair, teeth, breath, nails.
    Not even the forever lasting changes,
    Like their attitude, behavior, family, and brains.

    Illusions, deaths, sicknesses, and every last breath,
    failing their classes and having to hide Meth.
    Wondering, thinking, and hoping for the best,
    But what they really don't realize is that their closer to their death.

    Every time they take one more step,
    It doesn't make them cooler,
    it doesn't help them stop,
    But that's just life with, The Monster.