• Swirls of nothing,
    Puffed and bloated.
    Grappling ropes,
    too thick to know.

    I just want to watch them
    Hold me.
    Never let them
    Just let go.

    But they are
    Peculiar things.
    Fluffy wuffy,
    Then all flat.

    And sometimes,
    They will fall apart.
    And turn it from
    Great this to that.

    It will darken,
    Sad, alone.
    Crush down sounds of
    Broken joy.

    But the colors can not
    They still want to be our

    So you see these
    Strange round lines.
    Whipping cross the sky,
    All white.

    Are really all a
    Giant vision.
    Hoping to wrap
    All the light.

    They want to reach
    Hold you close,
    And hide away your fears.

    But it is just too far
    And can not see your