• me, I am a tiger
    I do not roar or meow
    I speak very little
    I speak through my actions and emotions
    I am a tiger

    Me, I am a tiger
    vicious, cold, dark on the inside
    kind, calm, and warm on the inside also
    my eyes are a clear blue to show my soul
    can become cold like the ice

    I feel free as a tiger
    whenever I can run through the fields
    and I have nothing to stop me
    when my freedom surrounds me

    I feel alone, cold and trapped and
    unable to speak my emotions
    my emotions locked up inside
    the cage, the metal cage that traps
    me can only be removed by me and others
    when I am stronger
    me, I am a tiger

    me, a tiger locked up by others
    I am in a cage that can only be removed by others me, a tiger

    a tigers beauty on the outside; differs inside