• Anger

    Anger is a curse and a gift it is something that allows us to remain human, but at the same time it makes us monsters of our own heart. It shows itself in one way unlike our other emotions like happiness and sorrow, anger has one way of self expression it shows the beast that hides behind our mask of all other emotions. It gives birth to Rage it allows us to do unspeakable evil. It darkens the heart and loosens the spirit. it allows teeth to bear and the claws to unsheathed, and then next comes fear, not from the opposing force but from ourselves, fear of what could be unleashed, fear of what we can do, fear of what we might hurt, and fear of not being able to . . . stop. Anger is an emotion but also a drug, it is addicting it’s a rush something that can be enjoyed if we allow it. I hate to say it but I too have enticed myself with this feeling. I have seen the way of this side and I must tell u that it is not pleasant; it’s something that I hope I never have to experience ever again. I hated feeling that way it seems odd to say but I hated it that I actually enjoyed it. Anger gives us power but it also weakens us. I feel like there’s something wrong with me I’m able to point out these key points of anger then why is it so hard to control. Why can’t I stop it when that beast takes over? It scares me I feel like sometimes it’s not even me. I feel like there’s something else there when it happens when I feel true anger, and true rage. what is this feeling is it true is there a beast that lives deep within me, if so than is the same thing true for all humanity do we have dormant beasts of rage waiting for the moment that moment when we might give in to the temptation to strike without thinking, to lash out without knowing, can we truly be human without it are we able to banish it from hearts, or is it that which allows are hearts to keep going? I wonder could we live without . . . anger.