• Silence buzzes softly
    Clouds give off a faint white glow
    Chilly droplets twinkle
    on the grassy quilt below.

    One of many, waiting
    till that special something comes
    Whistling away each day
    watching the passage of suns.

    The darkest days return
    rock back and forth until they pass
    Imagine soaring downward
    to join the gently whispering grass.

    Sure that there is better
    but you never get your chance
    the time is here, she rises
    leave your morbid thoughts, entranced.

    Before the rising duchess
    the shadows surge up, take flight
    part before her lucent Hope
    making way for silver light.

    All the stars are watching
    and tiny faces from the floor
    Between your sighs, you think
    here’s a light worth living for.