• The rain taps on the coffin
    and it draws me to my grave
    but as i can remember i have always misbehaved
    and in my eyes the tears that swell
    are mixed with morbid rain
    so that they hide my pain
    and instead of blood my heart pumps anger through my veins

    the grave, again is far too deep
    although it calls me, "Come, love sleep."
    i only turn it into rage
    while i wish to skip this pag,--
    no this chapter of my life
    skip to where i feel alive
    but wishes are only false hopes

    for now all i do is mope.
    mope until i cannot breathe
    mope until you will beleive
    all those times i did not lie
    and hope, beyond all hopes that i make it out alive

    atleast it's worth a try