• all the creatures...
    that creep at night
    i see the demons
    but do i fright?

    what's going to happen?
    is this the end?
    i need help!
    get my friend!

    but wait...
    for i am alone
    i start to see
    my weakling bones.

    sitting there
    in the dark
    i hear footsteps
    and see a spark

    has some one come
    just for me?
    i am loved
    but how can it be?

    i am not worthy
    to be saved
    i feel strong
    i thought i caved

    i look in your eyes
    and i feel your love
    it's so powerful
    are you sent from above?

    you take me in your arms
    as tight as you can
    then you kiss me
    on the hand

    you told me
    that you were in love
    and you came to save me
    not matter how much the shove

    i felt peaceful
    standing in front of you
    it was silent
    was that my cue?

    i lean in
    closer and closer
    as we kiss
    the war is finally over.

    the demons were gone
    and my soul is free
    thanks to my true love
    i give my heart to thee