• I lay on your bed of roses
    Ashes where the bodies burned
    But you still know that we all chose this
    Don't turn blind eyes to a lesson learned
    Up to the heavens
    Where your wings lie in wait
    The feathers will soften
    At the signs of your hate
    The name of your enemy has only fallen down
    It hasn't died
    It only hides
    Behind a clouded shroud
    Rise up to the lightning
    Light up the sky
    Burn down your sun and
    Know you'll never fly
    Run against the river
    And the word of all your peers
    Never stop believing
    That you're never quite done here
    Take your scarlet weaving
    And wrap it 'round the world
    Around the forests through the seas
    And every boy and girl
    Build your iron tower
    To see your birds eye view
    Of all society as it
    Looks down upon you
    Shine the light
    And through the darkness you will see
    Shine the light
    All the tasteless memories
    Shine the light
    flash back to the days of youth
    Shine the light
    And all the rituals of truth
    Shine the light.