• Melting Ice

    Snow is beautiful as it comes down.
    It's fun to play in that first snowfall,
    but soon a cold chill starts to call.
    We go inside for awhile
    drinking hot cocoa, our wet clothes in a pile.
    The days are shorter, which makes me sad.
    I long for a kiss from the sun in the cold dark December.

    Before I know it, the year winds down.
    When spring comes my way, it's not so bad.
    All my darkness begins to melt like the ice.
    It's funny how by natures device,
    my sad mask breaks off and I'm able to smile.
    As the school year winds down
    I know that I can breathe easy for awhile.

    I'll lie in the sun with hopes born anew .
    I'll choose not to worry about things,
    like what I have and have not to do.
    I won't let the depression come around.
    I'll fight back up whenever someone kicks me down.
    My mood's my own; only I hold it's key,
    so let the sun shine down on me.