• You've showed me things I never knew,
    Things I thought that were too good to be true,
    Your presence caresses my heart,
    I lose my words and don't know where to start,
    You've washed away my negativity,
    Something I've needed so desperately,

    Your voice lingers in my ear,
    For it is the most beautiful sound to hear,
    Everything you say strikes even the smallest smile,
    The smile I needed for quite a while,
    My life has changed,
    For it once was beyond deranged,

    My black and white now color,
    My dreams now like no other,
    My heart overflowed,
    Oh how I wish it was shown,
    You've put me back on this path from which I've strayed,
    You are the answer from God to all the times I've prayed,
    You have become the light, to make my darkness bright,
    You are my moonlight at night,

    My love is doubted, for you think it isn't true,
    but I can prove this by the simple fact my heart now belongs to you.