• I'm in a world with bodies thrown around,
    They fill the streets, you can't see the ground.
    What terrible thing did they do to deserve,
    These monsters have no heart, just nerve.

    My sisters were slaughtered without any guilt,
    We had our family which was already built.
    I heard terrifying stories that could chill to the bone,
    I wish more lives were spared not thrown.

    I live for my family, not anyone else,
    I look after my wife and child before myself.
    They are my sanity, my entire world,
    I would do anything to save my little girl.

    I watched bullets shred through the bodies of men,
    Old men and young boys who weren't yet ten.
    Confined to the ghetto you don't want to be,
    You live off hope that someday you'll be free.

    I watched my fellow commrades get beat,
    I saw so many die from intense heat.
    I felt the anger and hatred in soldiers eyes,
    They were corrupted from Hitlers told lies.

    I watched too many become sick from hunger,
    but if you show weakness you won't be there much longer.
    I don't believe that no guard went home to cry,
    I'm sure some felt they deserved to die.

    Never in my heart will I find room to forgive,
    But life goes on; I'm just happy to live.
    My family is safe, my daughter is healthy,
    But I'm ashamed of the times I had to be stealthy.