• There will always be the inside jokes
    That I don't understand
    the other friends you run to
    when you need a helping hand

    I will always be the one left out
    No matter what we do
    Always the last one told
    and still without a clue

    I always have to hail to you
    like you're some kind of queen
    I always have to keep quiet
    To avoid another scene

    I'll sit to the side and say I'm fine
    Like any other day
    Until it comes to where you leave
    and our friendship goes away

    That day is approaching, It's coming soon
    and is almost here
    It may be anytime now
    That much is far unclear.

    It's been so long I cannot tell
    how true love might feel
    Then maybe once and only once
    My given love will be real

    This is good-bye, a last good-bye
    This is really the end
    now I'm ready for the fight
    The fight that we wont amend

    We're both done, finished now
    by going our separate ways
    The love and hate will be gone
    Our friendship set ablaze