• A masterpiece..
    Where a bruised hand had layed it's emotion..
    Painted in black the naked remorse of her heart.
    Dancing across are the solemn shades of November,
    Etched and gliding.
    Bang, bang..
    The red rings around the sun seem to be sinking,
    She asked you,
    You didn't answer..
    The horizon glowing in orange
    But bleeding in red..
    It wants it...
    It pleads.
    A single bruise is what she wears,
    A single, soft cloud drifts,
    Unable to connect..
    A raindrop,
    She cries for you.
    Too much for the cloud to carry,
    It drops the burden.
    She does too.
    The water is stained red from the burning, unforgiving sun
    Swirling and spreading
    But, now, the sun is defeated..
    Perhaps from unwillingness to keep fighting...
    Perhaps from the overtaking moon, there to bring her sleep...
    Sweet, sweet rest..
    Goodbye, Sun...
    She hopes you bleed as she did..
    She loved you..
    She loved you...
    A masterpiece..