• He says "I love you"
    And she does too
    But the look on her face gives her away
    She's just having one of those days
    All she wants is to be held to him
    But her expression is like she's looking through him
    When she's near him her hearts starts to race
    She wouldn't want to be in any other place
    She doesn't want to mess this up
    She just loves him way too much
    She's never felt this way before
    Where all she wants is more
    More of his smile, more of his warmth
    She doesn't know if she can take it anymore
    Inside her this fear is growing
    She's not sure where it's going
    She hasn't been this scared since she was a kid
    And it's all coming back at the talk of a kiss
    He thinks it's his fault she's acting this way
    But it isn't and she can't find the right words to say.
    He plays it off like it's no big deal
    She wants him to know how she feels.
    He holds her to him and says "I love you"
    She whispers back "I love you too"
    She feels so bad she wants to cry
    But what she says isn't a lie
    She hates the irrational fear
    And just wishes he could feel how she gets when he's near
    The butterflies, the heartbeat, the overwhelming happiness...
    She wishes he could feel all this
    Instead she hides her face in his shoulder
    The bit of fear starts to smolder
    He hugs her tighter, pulling her closer
    Saying without words he won't hurt her
    She's got nothing to be scared of...