• ~ Beneath my heart~
    Sometimes with life's complications..you dont know wat a' do____
    You can make life a litta' faster-----but dont know how....You can see me now A
    litta' clearly..----BEBE--so-- now its time to show my wings!! yeah e yah------------
    Its time to do ma' thing! I cant keep broken-------------n..So time to jump and scream
    out loud------ YEAH!.Its time to make a chance--I cant keep broken!..yeah!Too bad I
    cant see myself!!My reflection can make my heart---babe neutral .i cant dicided my life>>
    Its just ma felins outside ma life....
    cry HEY HEY YEAH!!-- WhAT can i do about it-------I cant wait to show ma wings....TIME TO SHOW WHO I AM!----heh baby yeah!