• The new year has just begun,
    Toting another loaded gun.
    Carrying confetti or deadly lead.
    With only blood will it be fed.

    It's voracious hunger led astray
    By poisons that have come to stay.
    Corroding the dreams of simple joy
    Like alkaline batteries in a toy.

    Overused or left too long:
    A simple chord within the song
    That narrates our every breath.
    If cut too short will cause our death.

    But held to long it sustains strife.
    This, too, resulting in loss of life.
    One day will come when we will know
    Just when to let dreads lifechord go.

    Salvation lies somewhere ahead,
    Hidden behind a wall of dread
    Composed from our innermost fears,
    And held strong by our most painful tears.

    Guarded by our smallest hidden desires.
    Surround by moats fueled by untamed fires.
    Only with help can we surpass this wall--
    A safety net in case we fall

    To help us back onto our feet,
    So we won't lose faith and accept defeat.
    A net of friends who truly care,
    With burdens they are willing to share