• More than a disco
    Party lights all around
    Right on the dancefloor
    Everyone's gone loud

    Scratching the records
    Fast like lighting
    Speeding remixes
    The noise sounds a bit frightening

    Moonwalkers and breakers
    Spinners and B-Boyers
    Come on out and party
    Let's dance, get out of the foyers!

    Meeting new homies
    Hearing people say, "Sup!"
    Unleash the revolution of dance
    Get into the music, TURN IT UP!

    Dance music fits my mood
    Always well-binding
    Getting with the ladies
    We call that grinding!

    The party is no zero
    There is one solution
    Mix it up with a bit of DJ Hero
    And add some Dance Dance Revolution

    Party like you're younger
    Spin on your head
    Duke it out with rap offs
    And you'll be as sharp as pencil lead!

    The best you'll have in your life
    It's more than stumble
    Are you ready for real-time music?
    Get out there and have a dance party rumble!