• Useless thoughts spiral
    Down this jeering ruby stair.
    Your attention so painfully viral
    Do you even care?

    My mind is infected with your name,
    But his rings loud too.
    Both names bring only shame,
    For once, I have no idea what to do.

    I simply can’t decide,
    Both seem so ideal.
    A problem lies in where both reside.
    Why must my heart be so easy to steal?

    White hot desire burns,
    Vibrant as the reddest rose.
    For you, my every fiber yearns
    And for him all my passion shows.

    Nightmarish indecision rips me apart.
    Pieces of me scatter to the wind.
    I sigh and bid a silent depart.
    The pieces are too many to mend.

    I withhold my sanity
    With a grasp so weak.
    Upon the river floats my humanity
    And through the bottom my efforts leak.